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Dr. Laveta Futch,

Director / Case Manager

Kerri Betts,

Director of Paralegal Research

Elder Michelle D. Josey

Research Coordinator

Dwight Futch,

Paralegal / Marketing Specialist

D & L Futch Research Foundation is a non-profit paralegal research and investigation foundation.  We provide intense research for the community.  Our foundation is family-owned, working together to tailor your personal needs.  As a female owner, my staff is passionate about our work and we are very persistent in getting the work done.  We have many years of experience in criminal research.   D & L Futch Research Foundation believes in justice for all mankind, regardless of race and gender.  Since 2006, D & L Futch Research Foundation has been helping victims and families to navigate around the criminal justice system, from arrests to post conviction reliefs.

We are the second set of eyes on your case.  In fact, we reveal things that were not initially revealed before, making all of the difference in the world!  D & L Futch Research Foundation has the experience and the training that is second to none.  Our specialty is research, research, research.

If you need someone to research your transcript and to find the truth, please contact my office and one of our staff members will assist you with a comprehensive consultation.  

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to research your issues, especially as related to errors that led to your injustice.  Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come.


Laveta Futch, Ph.D. Intern, M.A., B.A.

CEO/Director of D & L Research Foundation


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Contact Us for all inquiries: 
Office: 678-384-2932
Address: P. O. Box 5991 
Douglasville, Georgia 30154



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