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D & L Futch Research Foundation:

*Case Studies and interviews, carried out in person, i.e., face-to-face, but can also be administered by telephone.

*Our goal is to speak to the witnesses and investigate all cases of wrongful convictions, over-sentencing, and the lack of due process.

*Our Case Study involves the detail study of a particular case.

*We use data collections and critical analysis that include participant observations, interviews, consulting other people, and personal/public records.

*Research is centered a particular phenomena.

*Our case studies are narrow in focus but the results are inclusive to descriptive data that is useful in such settings that can be challenged in the judiciary system.


  1.  To help you find the case that correlates with legal findings that breed victory for your case. 

2.   We analyze the facts and frame your legal issues through secondary sources and primary authority.

3.  Help you to apply the law to your facts.

4.  Ensure that the law that you find is still good law.

5.  The research team uses the following sources to study your case: Legal Encyclopedia, Law Journals, and American Law Reports.

D & L Futch Research Foundation advocates and empowers the community.

To Advance Research!


- Your case
- Secondary resources
- Search terms/key words list
- Primary sources
- Case brief / summary

This will give our foundation a good starting point to begin researching your documents. 

Our primary goal is to gather all of the information and data so that we can give it to your attorney for perusal and approval.  If you do not have an attorney, the foundation will refer you to an attorney.