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Post-Conviction Seminars

For those of the families fighting for their loved ones in prison, there will be an upcoming seminar for those individuals who are interested in learning how to fight back by doing the research via the Lexis Nexis Legal Database.Leading with technology.

Place : Atlanta, Georgia
Self -Represented litigants / Pro Se / Attorney
Address: TBA soon

The goal is to bring the hurting and/or wounded families of the incarcerated together in order to teach the art of shepardizing. Ultimately, this strategy provides hope, by finding answers to unanswered questions, relative to researching laws that supports unfair treatment of family and/or loved ones.

Paul, in the book of Acts 1:11, instructs us to not just look into the heavens when there is work to be done. Paul says,
"Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven."

So, why sit where you are and die in depression, anguish, and hopelessness because of the way the legal system has mishandled your loved one? 😢 Please allow this same Jesus who transcended into the heavens and returned to earth, by way of the Holy Spirit, Who now works through you and in you, to lead you to the research that brings freedom to both you and your loved ones!!! 🔥

Let's do something! Let's research the case and get this case back into the judges' chambers! 🙌


We will address the following:

1. What forms do you use for the Habeas Corpus and Motion for new trial?

2. Where to find the case law and the citation authority in order to prepare your brief

3. How to Shepardize, by using the LexisNexis Database

4. When is it time to hire an attorney?

5. Question/ Answer Session

Ignorance is no defence

Please, be on time. Seats are limited. Bring your laptop, pen, and paper.

*Dr. Laveta Futch will facilitate the seminar, along with other guest.

Ride sharing for Athens Ga and Columbus Ga are available.

D & L Futch Research Foundation is fighting with you!!!!

Gang Prevention Summit 2016 was first launched in February 2016 in Mableton, Georgia.  It was an amazing gathering of such dignitaries and Judge Kimberly Bandoh, Attorney Lisa Cupid, Dr. LaTangela Coleman-Crossfied, Business Owner, Lattishia Smith, Attorney Stephen Knights, Jr., Photographer Willie Davis, Dr. Laveta Futch, citizens of Georgia, CEO, Dwight Futch, and many more. 

This event was life changing.  The CEO, Dwight Futch, spear-headed this community-wide event because of his passion to inform, to educate, and to empower the community about the new gang laws, in order to intervene in possibly gang-related crimes.  Many times, crimes are never committed; however, the legal system will label individuals because of their color, the color of their clothes, etc.  It is important to learn about the new gang laws so that we do not continue to lose our youth.